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Home > What's New > CarPro Tar X Tar & Bug Remover 1000 ml
Home > Shop by Brand > CarPro Car Care Products > CarPro Tar X Tar & Bug Remover 1000 ml

CarPro Tar X Tar & Bug Remover 1000 ml

CarPro Tar X Tar & Bug Remover 1000 ml
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CarPro Tar X - Tar & Bug Remover is a super strength tar, adhesive, and bug remover as well as a degreaser that derives its power from 100% of the solvents extracted from orange peels. This makes it eco-friendly but don't let that fool you when it comes to the power of this underrated product. Take a look at the product videos to see it in action.

* Extremely Powerful
* This product contains no chlorinated solvents or harsh chemicals and is not corrosive.
* Based on renewable solvents and natural ingredients
* Contains over 60% active natural ingredients.
* Cuts through heavy grease and tar
* Use for all purpose de-greasing, tar and asphalt removal, insect , tire mark ,adhesive spot removal, traffic film and many other tough cleaning jobs.
* Leaves surfaces clean in one step.
* Slightly more viscosity than other tar removers so it will cling longer to the surface, cutting down on the volume of product used, & creating less run off.
* Quickly penetrates and loosens tar, so it may be flushed off with water.
* Can also be used as a heavy duty parts and equipment cleaner.
* Great Citrus Smell
* Fast Reaction Time
* Easy to use
* Heavy duty formula allows extended dwell times when needed
* Reduces the need for intensive claying when organic contaminants are the culprit

* For spot removal simply apply Tar X to sponge or microfiber towel and wipe off (clean area afterwards with water, Ultima Waterless Wash Plus, Or Eraser)
* After shaking the bottle and spraying onto dry surface, allow to dwell for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes depending on how thick the tar is and the situation of the environment.
* Agitate the area with a wash mitt or sponge and rinse off.

* Avoid sensitive plastics like headlights and clear bras.
* Test in hidden area for color fastness on any plastic surface
* Avoid working under direct sunshine or hot surface.
* Do not leave on the surface for more than 7 to 10 minutes or allow to dry.
* Avoid spraying on acrylic paint surfaces, or poor after market acrylic paint, it may affect that surface and cause a possible bleaching affect.
* Work in a well ventilated area.
* Avoid Contact with eyes
* Avoid contact with skin

One 1000 ml bottle.

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