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"Ranney, thanks a lot for the outstanding service. When I got my S2000 I knew I had to get the best towels I can get for my new car. So, I went and did some research... I found a lot of good reviews about your towels through various internet forums so I figured I would try them myself. Well, they were right about your microfiber towels. They are the best! I've never felt anything softer. I ordered one of your combo packages and every single towel went to use this weekend. The waffle weave towel is amazing, I had no idea it could hold so much water and no streaking whatsoever. I made good use of the 16''x16'' Ultra towels too, they did a great job removing the polish and wax. Just when I thought I never felt a softer towel I got my hands on the ultra-fine towel. The micro fiber mitt that came with my package also made quick detailing very easy. I loved every single towel I got in the package. Best of all, no scractches! I don't think I'll ever have to look anywhere else for towels. Thanks for the everything, I'm a very happy customer. Francis F. Owner of 2004 S2000 of New York, NY"

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